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This Week’s Progress …

A late entry today.  We move Son into his dorm today.  I know from previous move-ins with Daughter that you don’t really get as many steps as you would think on move in day, so I got up early this morning and walked 4 miles.  We had packed up the car yesterday and had everything ready to go; we just needed to pick up his backpack and we were out the door.

Move in went very smoothly and we had him unpacked and mostly set up.  I left him some organizational tasks to take care of on his own.  It’s good for him to organize things the way he wants them arranged, not the way I think is best, and he will have some chunks of free time over the next few days and it’s good to have something to do to keep himself busy.

The rest of the week was a typical week, a telework day last Monday, work on Tuesday through Thursday, and a day off on Friday to do laundry and pack and then move in today.

8/21/2016 Sunday 13,849
8/22/2016 Monday 12,217
8/23/2016 Tuesday 12,804
8/24/2016 Wednesday 13,253
8/25/2016 Thursday 13,330
8/26/2016 Friday 15,220
8/27/2016 Saturday  11,000 and counting
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Wednesday’s Word to Walk By…

August 24 2016

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This Week’s Progress …

Phew, another week done.  It’s been hot and sticky.  It’s been busy at work.  But I managed to get all my steps in.  I’m glad to be done.

8/14/2016 Sunday 12,541
8/15/2016 Monday 13,763
8/16/2016 Tuesday 12,765
8/17/2016 Wednesday 15,040
8/18/2016 Thursday 13,714
8/19/2016 Friday 12,168
8/20/2016 Saturday  11,000 and counting
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Wednesday’s Words to Walk By …

August 17 2016

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This Week’s Progress

Thursday was an atypical day at work because I had to run an errand at my office’s main building, so I got lots of extra steps in walking to the subway, from the subway to the building and then reversing the process to get back to my office.

On Friday, my husband, kids and I all headed to the beach.  I got up and walked on the treadmill for an hour before leaving, to make sure I got my steps in for the day.  I walked a little on the beach while there.  And we walked a few blocks from our parking spot to the cheesesteak place to get dinner.

8/7/2024 Sunday 13,060
8/8/2016 Monday 14,493
8/9/2016 Tuesday 13,854
8/10/2016 Wednesday 13,339
8/11/2016 Thursday 16,721
8/12/2016 Friday 14,470
8/13/2016 Saturday 11,610


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Wednesday’s Words to Walk By …

August 10 2016

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This Week’s Progress …

A typical week.  I managed to get back outside for my early morning walks, since the humidity level dropped.  Sunday and Friday both involved shopping for school and dorm supplies for my son, and that helped the steps mount up.   The temperature is supposed to sky rocket up again tomorrow, so I don’t know what next week will bring.  I’ll keep plugging along though.  Last Sunday I took at class at Pure Barre, it was really hard.  A lot more ab work than I normally do.  I felt like I was holding my own and not looking too awkward.

7/31/2016 Sunday 16,429
8/1/2016 Monday 13,269
8/2/2016 Tuesday 12,838
9/3/2016 Wednesday 12,296
8/4/2016 Thursday 13,638
8/5/2016 Friday 17,134
8/6/2016 Saturday  11,000 and counting
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EOM July 2016

Number of Days in the Month: 31
Number of Days I walked 11k steps: 31
Average Number of Steps per Day:  14,403
Day with Highest Number of Steps: Saturday, 7/16(20,115)
Day with Lowest Number of Steps:  Monday, 7/18 (11,115)
Progress towards my 2015 miles:  224 (1,464 for the year)
Yoga Classes Attended: 10
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Walking in the News …

Can walking be your main source of exercise?  (The answer is yes).

How to start, and stick to, an exercise plan.  The sticking to it is the most important part.

Exercise is very important for post-menopausal women.

And something for our pet owners, walking the dog and help you get fit and stay fit.

An orthopedic doctor answers your questions on walking.  And some expert tips to make your walk better.  Do your knees hurt?  Read this.

My family always laughs at me because I’m always preaching functional fitness, as opposed to exercise for the sake of exercise.  You need to fit exercise into your life, and like what you do.  Exercise does not need to be structured to be effective.

Water walking is a great thing if you have arthritis (after checking with your doctor), or on these super hot days.

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Wednesday’s Words to Walk By …

August 3 2016

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